I’d love to introduce another LOVELY
Simply by Tamara Nicole couple . . .
as part of our series
 Simply Engaged
Here’s a glimpse into the sweet couple that is
{Reby & Chase}
Wedding Date: October 14th 2016
Wedding Location: Axis Pioneer Square Seattle, WA
. . . 
How did you two love birds meet?
In the beginning, Chase and Reby were an unlikely couple.  
They met at their local teacher’s union building, both serving as building representatives for their respective schools.  At the time, relationship prospects for the pair were slim: Reby was teaching 5th grade highly capable students at Lake Youngs Elementary, and Chase was teaching Social Studies at Kentlake High School, both differed in their political beliefs, and Reby was married while Chase was still “playing the field”.  
The first time Chase and Reby hung out was at a political gathering in September 2012.  Reby was only slightly interested in the political guest, but both Reby and Chase recall being interested in each other!  Chase even jotted down “Reh-bee” (the bee being a sketch of a bumblebee) in order to remember how to say Reby’s sometimes confusingly pronounced name. 
Then, in July of 2013, Chase and Reby both attended a political organizing training and had the opportunity to stay at the Tulalip Casino.  On the first night, they ran into each other on the casino floor and the sparks really flew!  For nearly three hours Reby and Chase sat at the bar.  They became immediate friends, laughed constantly, and talked about everything under the sun.  When it was time to go they shared an elevator ride, which was recalled by the future couple as filled with an awkward, chemistry-filled tension.  After the conference, their friendship grew and they began chatting at future union meetings.
The next big step for Chase and Reby was at another conference – this time in Spokane at the 2014 Washington Education Association Representative Assembly. After the first day of business, the Kent delegation met at their hotel lounge, and the sparks flew even hotter this time!  All of the Kent educators had a wonderful time and Chase and Reby were the last ones to leave in the early hours of the morning.  Again, they had a chemistry-filled moment in an elevator and 
began to take note of all these moments in elevators!
Despite the chemistry, Reby and Chase at the time were mutually unavailable.  Nevertheless they stayed friends and had fun sitting next to each other at union meetings.  They occasionally met up for a drink or a bite to eat just to have a laugh and talk about life.
Eventually, things came to a head in Spring of 2015.  
Reby and Chase were at the annual WEA Representative Assembly, this time in Bellevue.  They sat next to each other and, although they voted and paid enough attention, 
they probably also deserved the “most flirtatious” award 
out of the 1,000 representatives present. As the first day of business wrapped up, a fellow teacher gave Chase a quick pep talk, convincing Chase into asking Reby to hang out that evening.  It was excellent advice as Chase called Reby on his drive home.  The two excited delegates set up a meeting at Joey’s in Bellevue and Chase whipped his car around halfway home on the freeway.  Chase and Reby hung out that night and the next, and, since both were now single, the two decided to spend more time together. Eventually, their relationship became solidified when Chase suggested that they be an official couple in early July.
How did he pop the big question?

In December 2015, 
Chase decided to make his bold move
One evening, Chase coaxed an unsuspecting Reby into their apartment building’s freight elevator…a continuation of the reoccurring elevator theme in their relationship.  Chase dropped down on one knee after the elevator started towards the basement, and proposed. Reby said YES and shook with excitement. And, in a faux pas, Chase did not put the ring on Reby’s finger! Luckily, the ring fit perfectly and the couple became engaged on February 3, 2016.  
What is your fave date spot/activity?
Chase and Reby have fun anywhere they go, but one thing they love to do is to attend Seattle Mariners games
(Go M’s!) 
Chase, a sports enthusiast but more of a bandwagon Mariners fan, was not sufficiently prepared to go to the first Mariners game with Reby. In contrast to the bandwagon approach, Reby is a committed Mariners fan. She keeps score at every game,  tracks of every pitch, and is a card-carrying season ticket holder in the “All Star Club” section of the ballpark.  Reby’s love for the Mariners and all things baseball is slowly transforming Chase into a real fan.:)
What is your fave part about the wedding planning process?
Our favorite part of wedding planning was hiring Tamara!  Tamara has taken so much stress and pressure off with all things wedding related. Without her, Chase and Reby agree they would be lost in the process!
(I legit did NOT expect this while reading through the answers, SO so sweet!!! I adore working with you guys too Reby!!!)
What first caught your eye?

 The first thing that caught my eye about Chase was his wonderful smile and his confidence. A few years ago I was able to go into his classroom and see him teach a history lesson. His passion of teaching and the subject of history definitely stole my heart!
 I remember Reby’s confidence, the way she carried herself, and her intelligence. She always dresses well, is fit, and is extremely sharp. She is a beautiful woman inside and out!

{Her faves}
playing piano
eating & sampling wine at new fun restaurants!
{His faves} 
reading history books
 talking politics
watching movies
On my wedding day I am most excited about . . .

Chase and Reby are both most excited about seeing all of their friends and family. 
Fave meal your fiance makes for you?

Chase cooks a mean can of sardines.  
Chase’s other specialties include dried seaweed and raw eggs.
(teee heee love this!)
Reby is great cook and Chase does the dishes more than cooking! Reby makes amazing dinners, Brussels sprouts, egg breakfasts, and lots more.  She loves hosting dinner parties at their home!
If we could travel anywhere for our honeymoon we would  . . .
Chase and Reby LOVE to travel.  For their honeymoon they hope to spend time in Punta del Este, Uruguay and Buenos Aires, Argentina.  
Punta del Este is a famous, world class beach resort area.  Playing in the ocean, speaking some Spanish, dancing the tango, eating gaucho steak and sipping on Argentinian wine sound fun!!!
. . .
I know this wedding is going to be SO gorgeous, and we have an AMAZING team lined up, not to mention some fabulous details 🙂
Thanks for sharing with me R & C!
SO happy for you both!
(and how cute is their rainy Seattle engagement, AND her shoes?!)