First of all thank you ALL for doing your part to STAY HOME during this Pandemic. The better we ALL do this collectively, the sooner we can get back to WEDDINGS and fun parties! Let’s do this, because we REALLY want to get back to work creating beautiful things with our amazing vendor friends, and clients 🙂

NOW on to another edition of “Seattle Wedding Friendor Spotlight” . . . this time we interviewed the OH so sweet and talented Seattle Wedding Photographer: Kerry Jeanne Photography.

We have been BIG fans of Kerry’s work for years. After working with her on TWO events last year . . . a wedding featured on Martha Stewart here, AND a fun floral therapy retreat/editorial shoot (featured TODAY on Wedding Sparrow here) . . . we fell in love with Kerry’s talent, passion, and kindness. It was really fun reading her answers to our many many questions. Bare with us, she was SO sweet and answered a lot, and we couldn’t cut anything out haha!

How (and when) did you start your company?
I started photographing weddings in 2010 (Ten years ago this January!) when a friend asked me to shoot her wedding. I aspired to work for National Geographic at the time and was in school for Criminal Justice, but I thought that $100 for a day of shooting was amazing so I jumped at the chance. As soon as the wedding was over, I knew this is what I had to do.

What are some good questions to ask a photographer when they are considering booking?
“Can I see your full galleries?” This is a huge deal to me and something that I offer to my clients upfront. It’s a way to show them that yes, I have a fabulous Instagram feed but my work is so much deeper than the snippets that we all share on social media and it allows my clients to see that I can shoot in any setting, whether it is a dark ballroom or a perfect outdoor setting. It is all photographed with the same passion and care.

What’s your #1 advice for timeline planning when it comes to photos and their wedding day?
Add in cushioning for when grandma and grandpa don’t make it to the venue on time. Padding = smoother wedding and fewer headaches. And plan for a sunset session. These always end up being a favorite!

Do you have an “ideal couple” and if so, describe them to us.
My couples are the laidback ones who are quick to laugh and trust me to capture the day front start to finish. It means the world to me when a couple says “I’m game!” to even the craziest of ideas!

Top 5 venues in our area to shoot at?
Lairmont Manor
The Rainier Club
Woodinville Lavender Farm
Faber Farm
Lakewold Gardens

This was from the wedding we (Claire) planned at Lairmont Manor, that Kerry shot- which was on Martha Stewart Weddings!
Beautiful florals by Gather Design Company

Advice for getting ready photos?
Have the photographer (me) arrive just as your makeup is just about finished for touch up photos (there is no need for a photographer to be around for the whole process) and photos of you and your ladies. Make sure to have all your details (jewelry, invites, vow books, shoes, bouquet etc) also ready to go for the photographer to shoot before or after getting ready photos. Doing this makes my job 1000% easier as I won’t need to spend precious time hunting it all down.

How would you describe your style?
Timeless and romantic with a bit of editorial. I love the fine-art poses, but I always alert for moments that are completely candid as those tend to be my favorites of the day. Genuine emotion is what I strive for.

FAVE moment of the wedding day?
Easily the first look, preferably before the ceremony. All their planning and hard work has been built up to this moment and I *always* tear up.

Describe your post-wedding process?
Hideaway from people for the next week. Mostly kidding although the post-wedding day hangover is so very real, especially for an introvert, haha! The first thing I do post-wedding though is to make sure that all my cards have been uploaded to my computer and backed up twice then I proceed to mail out my film. I’ll cull my images in the next day or two but then I’ll wait for the film to come back before doing any editing or further culling. 9.7/10, the film will have captured the moment beautifully and I’ll end up deleting the digitals.

Tell us why you love shooting in film 🙂
I adore film, so so very much. It allows me to be fully conscious of what and how I’m shooting instead of the spray-and-pray that I was doing with digital and when my scans come back, there are very few edits that I end up making. The beauty of the film is that it captures exactly what the scene looks at in such timeless colors. No trendy oranges here 😉

What do you do on a wedding day morning to get into the “zone”?
Eat a big breakfast. I don’t normally eat until dinner ish time so this is important in making sure I have the energy I need for the day. Then I’ll go through all my gear to make sure I’m ready to go.

After a long wedding day I go home and I . . .

Go to the nearest Burger drive-through and eat in the car.

Store my cards next to my computer

crash into bed

Favorite detail you have seen at a wedding?
A wall of envelopes with guests’ names on it for the reception seating. I hadn’t seen anything like it before and it was such a fun detail!

What is your favorite season for weddings, and why?
Fall!! Actually, I haven’t done a fall wedding yet but am eagerly waiting for a bride who wants a cozy outdoor reception with blankets, cider, all the leaves me if this is you 😂

After (years) of weddings, what is your best piece of marriage advice?
Almost 7 years here and my advice is to establish open communication early on. Nothing is more important that being able to express your thoughts and feelings to one another!

What has been your proudest moment since opening your business? 
Having a client say “I can’t imagine anyone else shooting our wedding”. It brought tears to my eyes!

FAVE part about your job?
Getting emails back from clients expressing their joy at seeing the photos for the first time. I’m on cloud 9 every time it happens and it never ever gets old!

Where do you look for inspiration?
Nature, primarily. I first discovered my love of photography while shooting sunsets and it’s stuck with me since. Crashing oceans, wildflowers, dewdrops, a windy wheat fields – it’s all very poetic and I still love photographing scenes of nature whenever I can.

What are you most looking forward to after Covid-19 is behind us all, and businesses are open and you can see people in real life again?
Seeing my family again. We are all very close and it been heartbreaking not being able to visit. Second, I absolutely cannot wait to see all my friendors who have kept me sane since all of this started!

What is your favorite thing about the local Wedding community?
Seattle has been so fantastic since I started reaching out a few years ago and I have met some of the most amazing, talented and wonderful people that I am so thankful to call friends. The way we have banded together (even those in different states/countries) during this pandemic has inspired me to my core. 

This or that:

Coffee or Tea? Coffee (I live on it)

Dogs or Cats? Cats (I’m afraid of dogs due to bad experiences in the past)

Cake or Ice Cream? Cake & ice cream!

Summer or Winter? – Fall 😉

Book or Movie? Books, always

Chocolate or Vanilla? Chocolate & vanilla swirl 

Burgers or Tacos? Tacos

Wine or Cocktails? Cocktails. I’m not much of a wine fan (weird, I know)

Ice Cream or Froyo?  Ice Cream

NOW we just adore you even more Kerry! If you don’t follow her over on the IG, what are you waiting for? One of our fave Seattle Wedding Photographers. Thanks for answering our questions Kerry!


~Tamara Nicole