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First of all before we get into this little interview by Borrowed and Blue, I want to share that earlier this year we were voted as one of the top Wedding Planners, as well as the “Most Valuable Vendor” and we are SO honored!
NOW on to a little fun interview:
Recently, the Simply Tamara Nicole team heard from Helen at Borrowed & Blue, who wanted to get to know our business a little better and learn more about Seattle weddings. Here’s a little background from her:


“When you’re planning your wedding, there are a lot of resources you need at your fingertips in order to achieve the awesome celebration of the love between you and your partner. Having a planner is a crucial part of that process—and that’s where Tamara and her team at Simply Tamara Nicole come in, Seattle couples! The industry smarts of this group are just amazing, and they are totally committed not only to helping you figure out the logistics of your day, but to personalizing it so that your wedding feels like the two of you, and not something out of a magazine. They’re all about making sure #everywedding is unique and special, just like we are at Borrowed & Blue! I can’t wait for you to learn more about Tamara and her wonderful team.” – Helen, Borrowed & Blue’s Seattle Market Specialist




1. Tamara! Tell us the story of how you became a wedding planner.
Well . . . I planned my own wedding  . . . I actually am one of “those” planners haha! Keeping the super long story short (ish) I went to UW for pre-dental. Got my Bachelors in Biology, got accepted into NYU for Dental School.  I just felt like there was something missing, and that something was passion. SO I took a year to think about it, with the thought that I would re-apply to Dental School.  What happened was 3 months later I met the love of my life, and then decided that sure being a Dentist would be a pretty amazing career, but not for me. It took a little while after to figure out what my REAL passion was, BUT I found it! I’m SO happy that I chose happiness over money and took a risk.  Starting your own company can be so scary.
Now looking back, this career totally makes sense for me.  I’ve always been the party planner in my group.  When anyone was getting married, I jumped at the chance to throw any kind of party I could.  I LOVED decor and crafts so much, that I started an Etsy shop for some interior decor items for a little while. I love to cook, sew, create, design, plan.  I had SO much fun working on all of the little details for our wedding, that I think it just felt right 🙂 AND viola! Here we are now, over 100+ weddings and 6 wedding seasons in and I couldn’t imagine doing anything else!
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2. What is your favorite aspect of your job?
SUCH a hard question, I love it all! From meeting new people, seeing their relationships, witnessing so much love.  DETAILS, wedding design, being social. Fun meetings with treats.  I mean it’s all super fun. BUT I would say my absolute favorite is seeing it all come together amazingly well on the wedding day.  Seeing my couple’s face as they walk into the wedding space, seeing all of our hard work come together and look fabulous.  Being able to be there and see their love shine through their wedding.  Meeting all of their loved ones, and seeing really what makes them who they are. It can truly be a hard job, but these moments on the wedding day are truly SO rewarding!


3. What is the first question you like to ask a couple when you meet with them?
This might sound super cliche, but I love to hear about them.  I don’t get too specific, like how they met or anything (which I do love to hear about) BUT I like to keep it more open ended and really see what is important to them. Learn about them, their focus, their relationship.  You can really learn a lot about people in the first conversation!


4. What does “personalizing” a wedding mean, and how does a couple go about doing that?
This is one thing that we really love to focus on.  It’s 2016, and gone are the “cookie cutter” wedding days.  You also don’t want your guests to go to your wedding and not feel and see “you” at your wedding.  We love to get to know our couples, and let THEM shine through the wedding .  I want their family and friends to walk into their wedding, smile at some fun detail (or even chuckle a little) and think “this is SO them!”.  Their wedding should be all about them, not just the latest trends on the big blogs, Instagram or Pinterest.  This can be anything from the favors, even the names of the signature drinks.  Fun facts on your cocktail napkins for guests to enjoy reading during cocktail hour.  We’ve seen SO many fun ideas. As long as you are true to yourself and your relationship, you really can’t go wrong:)


5. Let’s talk 2016 trends. What are you seeing? What trends do you think will stick around?
Still seeing a lot of the “Garden” trend for flowers and decor, a LOT of greenery, soft whimsical flowing centerpieces. A pretty, classic wedding is always good.  Also, what I really love is the pops of modern and minimal styles that are showing up.  We’ve had a lot of fun adding these pops of modern touches into romantic weddings and I love it!


6. If you weren’t a wedding planner, what would you want to do for a living?
Perhaps be a dentist?! Haha. But seriously, I previously thought about being a teacher, or a judge. Something that I knew could make a difference in other’s lives.  I also secretly (OK the secret is out now!) want to style and design photo shoots (catalogs), and window displays for companies like Anthropologie or Crate and Barrel.  I have so many things that I love to do, the list and ideas could go on! Good thing being a Wedding Planner fits just right 🙂
7. Share a memory from a recent wedding.
There are so many great ones to choose from! I would have to say one that stands out was helping to pull off a surprise Gospel Choir performance during a ceremony, from the Bride to the Groom.  The ceremony was already jam packed full of fun, intentional moments.  A butterfly release, a nod to the Bride’s late Grandma who loved butterflies. I remember at least one still being on the Bride’s dress at the end.  Other fun things were a poem written by the Best Man, and brother of the Groom.  Also, a musical number by one of their singer friends. A fun pre-ceremony drink.  So add to ALL of this fun . . . right during the vows, the Bride was partway through hers, and said she isn’t always the best with words and wanted to say it through music.  I was waiting for this exact moment to open the doors to a 9 person Gospel Choir, who walked up the side while starting to sing.  The look on his face, and hearing him talk about that first thing when he walked in from the ceremony. What a fun ceremony that was, and I LOVE surprises during weddings and being sneaky with them!


8. I’ve never been to Seattle, but I’m thrilled to learn more about it! Where do you go on your days off?
Being close to Seattle, we are surrounded by so many mountains just a little drive away.  My husband and I LOVE to pack some snacks, and our now 2 year old, and take a little drive out to the mountains and go on a hike.  We’ve been on over 20-30 different hikes around the area, and it’s just so beautiful, invigorating and relaxing after the hustle and bustle of the city and wedding season.  Not only is it fun family time, but it helps to center and refresh life.  AND let’s face it, wedding season there isn’t a lot of family time so this helps with that! Even on a Sunday morning, after a 14 hour wedding on Saturday, and 5 hours of sleep you will find us heading out the the mountains!
Other things we love to do is take walks along the waterfront with our 4 Westies, go kayaking, and really anything else outdoors during the beautiful Seattle summers! Also there are so many amazing restaurants to try, and we sure do love our food 🙂

9. What is your favorite venue in the area?
OH man this is so hard too! I love a variety, and love that Seattle has it all.  Some pretty classy hotels such as Four Seasons, The Woodmark Hotel, Fairmont Olympic and The Arctic Club are some faves in this area. I love the industrial/urban feel of venues like Axis, Sodo Park and Westland Distillery.  Also you really can’t beat the view atop The Golf Club at Newcastle.  SO many more good ones too!

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10. What makes the Seattle area unique?
I think it’s the gorgeous green outdoors here. I mean everyone wants to have a pretty outdoor wedding in the summers here, but we all know that you can never ever count on the weather (even after the 4th of July) here.  Always have a back up rain plan, which most venues have here.  Also, the variety of venues here is really nice.  Anywhere from rustic barns, ballrooms, urban city vibes, to wineries . . . the Seattle area really has it all.
I have many clients that live out of town, but want to get married in Seattle! It’s becoming quite the destination for people.  Guests who might have never been will love to plan their trip to allow time to play tourist in the area, there is so much to do and see. I really feel lucky to be a Wedding Planner here in Seattle!

If you’re planning a wedding, head on over to Borrowed & Blue to find your Seattle wedding photographer and more!

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